Amiina - Kurr
Album Review

Amiina – Kurr

Amiina have recorded Kurr, their debut album, whilst sat round a table knitting. Or knitting is their favourite pastime… In attempting to decipher the artwork of the album sleeve these thoughts transpired.

Upon listening to the album, thoughts are transcended beyond the meditative state knitting induces to a haven of ambient relaxation somewhere between earth and the stars. The Icelandic female quartet lay a platform for your dreams. The subtle and soothing landscapes have been tipped by Sigur Ros as the best thing to come out of Iceland, which barring the palpable queen of pop, Bjork, may or may not be true, depending on how well up you are on Icelandic music.

Without the dynamic scope and lasting impact of either Sigur Ros’s epic pieces or the bravery and energy of the quintessential Bjork, if Bjork be the Queen of the republic, Amiina may well be the princesses, scattering petals in the decorated halls of the royal palace of modern Icelandic music. B******s!

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