The Bravery – Time Won’t Let Me Go

Well, it seems that Sam Endicott and troupe have turned away from their spat with The Killers that punctuated both bands’ debut album releases and the two have strolled off in different directions. For The Bravery, through this single from their explorative second album ‘The Sun and the Moon’, their path is now paved by atmospheric guitar jangles and the slower, slightly beleaguered vocal toe of Big Sam.

These New Yorkers have been so focused on their regretful pondering that Sam is reported to have walked straight passed Kate Moss and blanked her, how rude, eh? Cruising sound-scapes draw out their thoughtful side and it will provide a neat contrast to their bounding anthems from the acclaimed first album, in a live setting. Welcome to a more focused The Bravery!

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