A few years ago, their twelve track debut album ‘Ignoto’, secured this Geordie quintet’s reputation as dingy experimentalists, who are ever willing to solve life’s conundrum through an amp and a cohesive vision. This prize cherry of a second single from follow up album ‘They Came From The Sun’, pushes further in your face the rugged bass-line approach. The even tempo drum beats of new percussionist, Shaun Abbott keeps a steady grind from which they build in some well timed, deft digital touches and the coarse vocals of Paul Mullen. This allows the guys to spew out a beleaguered perspective on urban life.

Mullen’s vocals are promoted with surety to give this Biffy Clyro skirting tale about selecting the easy option an earthy touch, rubbing against the foot-tapping inducing nature of the instrumentals. The experiment is continuing and the new look band seem as determined as ever to follow it through to its conclusion.

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