The Ripps - Holiday
Album Review

The Ripps – Holiday

Sounding like The Kinks, but The Kinks fronted by a cockney (which doesn’t make sense, as they’re from Coventry) and played a little too fast, The Ripps seem determined to spread a little old-school love this summer. Armed with a genius pop chorus, some top-end guitars, and no-nonsense, no-frills music, they’ve made a song for the common people to get their rocks off to.

The fact that the line ‘Afternoon in Wetherspoons the story begins…’ can be applicable to at lease one anecdote from about 90% of their target audience shows that they know exactly who they’re speaking to, and given the Arctic Monkey’s success with creating tunes that people can directly relate to, it would seem that the Ripps are set for stardom. On the other hand, as I said about their album, it could become incredibly annoying after a few listens. I guess that’s the chance we have to take…

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