Fields - Song For The Fields
Album Review

Fields – Song For The Fields

There is something totally special about Song For The Fields, taken from Fields debut album. Starting off with a driving acoustic opening and irresistible harmony, you don’t get many tracks this epic this side of Canada.

It is an instant grabber, the opening haunting vocals are taken up several notches when the verse kicks in about a minute and a half through – this is where the song cements itself as a classic UK Indie track. My own personal highlight is the false ending towards the end of the track where the repeated refrain of ‘you’re not the only one’ is suddenly interrupted by a biting new wave guitar middle eight, lovely stuff.

Song For The Fields ticks a lot of boxes fitting in the best bits of classic UK Indie like Oxford contemporises Radiohead to Canada’s finest Arcade Fire and giving it their own individual twist.. The tracks B-side Nine Stones is similar to Song For The Fields starting off as a acoustic track, slowly building into something more complex and rocky, it sadly doesn’t measure up to the standard of Song For The Fields.

I hope and pray that the bands other material can live up to the standard of this fine single.

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