Noon Layer Drive - Note To Self EP
Album Review

Noon Layer Drive – Note To Self EP

The rock ‘n’ roll foursome hailing from Milton Keynes, present us with a four track of ‘dirty rock songs’, reminding us just what Nirvana would have sounded like if they were still here today.

’Note to self’, ‘A comfortable means’ and ‘Dirty ruse’ show Wolfmother type riffs, with plenty of hard rock flicks, and shout-along choruses. These tracks definitely represent Noon Layer Drive well, even if we’re left wondering where the hell did they get the name from? Ending the EP well, we hear an eerie sounding track from the four lads, entitled ‘This dark inside (Mysterons mix)’.

NLD will impress new indie kids, and may even get them moving. At the same time letting old timers know that rock isn’t dead, not anytime soon anyway.

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