The Hot Puppies - Over My Dead Body (strays
Album Review

The Hot Puppies – Over My Dead Body (strays, black sheep and b-sides 2003 – 2005)

Although they had been touted as a band to watch some time ago I must admit that I am not particularly familiar with anything The Hot Puppies have done.

Perhaps I turned my back for a minute and a whole scene passed me by, perhaps I have been looking in all the wrong places or perhaps they have failed to permeate the public consciousness as expected. No matter what the reason is, this band have obviously been busy knocking out the tunes as this self confessed collection of ‘strays, black sheep and b-sides’ proves.

Gentle opener ‘I left my heart lining the ocean bed’ lulls you in and in under two minutes ‘Party’ really kicks things off, a song that seems to share a psychic link with The Long Blondes, a comparison that stands for the rest of the album through the vocals of front woman, Becky Newman and through the bands effortless cool. From start to finish, every song smoulders with charm and irrepressible sexuality.

A collection of rarities is never usually a great jump on point for new listeners to a band but this release is surprisingly accessible to the uninitiated, to highlight even a handful of stand out tracks is difficult as this is an album full of absolute gems and knowing that these are merely the off cuts I can’t wait to immerse myself in the back catalogue of The Hot Puppies.

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