The Dykeenies - Liverpool Barfly
Live Review

The Dykeenies – Liverpool Barfly

An enthusiastic and surprisingly busy midweek audience greeted the 5 travelling Scots warmly as they took the stage on a grey and wet evening.

The weather outside may have been cold and damp, but as soon as The Dykeenies burst into their opener that warm feeling normally associated with a more typical hazy summers evening seemed to fill the room. The Dykeenies are a party band. Pure and simple. They provide you with tunes to dance to, sing-along to and their performance itself along with their friendly and informal interaction with the audience all helped create a great atmosphere in which to enjoy some quite honestly cracking new wave rock tunes. Old favourites like ‘New Ideas’ and ‘Waiting for Go’ along with their forthcoming single ‘Clean Up Your Eyes’ helped demonstrate why this band will surely be making the sun come out for a much wider audience sooner rather than later. The arrival of their debut album in September will hopefully give this band more of the exposure they deserve.

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