Nick Drake - Family Tree
Album Review

Nick Drake – Family Tree

Breathtaking. Superlative. Put on the headphones, close your eyes, touch play and be transported to another place in time. Family Tree treats you to the most utmost of intimate surroundings, perched on a wooden chair in the room with Nick Drake. Joined sometimes by his Mother (on the track Poor Mum) and sometimes his sister Gabrielle (for All My Trials), the three combine beautifully for Mozart’s Kegelstatt Trio.

The recording is so raw and untouched you can hear the shuffle of feet, creaking doors and birds singing in the background. The sound reverberates off the walls of the rooms. Recorded in a combination of Drake’s home and Aix En Provence in France.

A wholesome yet solitary experience, with a closeness and realism that production only diminishes. For a rock band, garage band or orchestral piece this could not have the same effect but this is Nick drake, alone mainly, with his guitar and it is as if he sings for you and you only. A truly romantic experience that bleeds emotion and comfort.

Original recordings of Cocaine Blues, Been Smoking Too Long and Way To Blue makes this collection a priceless discovery of a beautiful and tender musical spirit; the Drake family.

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