Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Berlin
Album Review

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Berlin

Ever since their impromptu substitution of The White Strips for the penultimate slot on the Main Stage at the Leeds/Reading Festival a few years ago. Whereby, LA based trio BRMC, paraded their blistering blues rock to an appreciative and sizeable crowd. Since then, fickle music lovers have kind of lost touch with this authentic garage rock/indie outfit. Now on their fourth album ‘Baby 81’, through this ranging single they retrace their bluesy steps.

They instil a bit of rugged soul and pulsing percussion, showing that they can still build a beat and chugging rhythm, whilst, at the same time, depicting the topsy-turvy nature of modern life. Peter Hayes still does a great number in the dragging vocal stakes, delivering the catchy lyrical snap with plenty of heart and pride;

“Suicide Susie, what happened to the revolution??”

It’s a case of back once again for the snappy, bluesy garage rockers.

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