Black Ghosts - It's Your Touch
Album Review

Black Ghosts – It’s Your Touch

Its Your Touch is the latest offering from Black Ghosts. Using pictures of skulls, mushrooms and yes black ghosts, they invoke a misleading sense of malignance. Their music isn’t in any way morose and throughout the lyrics, shows no indication of any unhealthy obsession with death. Don’t be suckered in people!

They might physically resemble a scary Trent Reznor and Richard D. James combo, but musically, they sound like any mediocre chart act. Timid crooning and polished pop is never a good combination. Not in my house anyhow! A remix by X-press 2 member, producer and DJ Ashley Beedle is included, and given his previous, a subtle warning as to what horrid content we may be dealing with is given. Being on Fatboy Slims label, Southern Fried Records can also serve as a bad omen.

It’s all very well if it’s your bag, but don’t be dragging us from our chosen paths of alternative defiance with your sinister imagery. And don’t try to be something you’re not. Nice try BG, but you don’t fool us. Stick to Radio 1 and successfully do your shiny thing there!

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