Wallis Bird - Moodsets EP
Album Review

Wallis Bird – Moodsets EP

Initially, sensationalism is going to draw many a commentator into painting the Ireland born and Germany based, Wallis Bird as the Helen Keller of journeying, reflective and folk flirting pop music. Having had all her fingers from her left hand severed at a young age, Bird did not let this stifle her creativity and learned to play guitar regardless. This unassuming, but driven artist will be the first to demand that she is judged on the music that she produces alone. Through the Feist and Katie Melua range capturing title track, mood and adventure are imparted through clattering guitars and percussion, matching the feeling projected the vocals to a tee. Matters slow down for ‘The Circle’, Bird relies upon cushioning drum-beats and weaving guitars. The Nerina Pallot in her comes out for a friendly, but slightly beleaguered pop jaunt.

This 24 year old soul-searcher is a clear disciple of the Tori Amos style of emotion switching, often within the same song. ‘Beep Beep’, taken from a limited edition EP ‘Branches Entangle’ is slow, heart-wrenching and poetic and it draws out the artists’ deeper side. An acoustic guitar is used to bracing, ambient tugging effect. Forceful, yet at times mellow with it, is what strikes you most about this veracious and sensitive four-track foray. Coffee shop styled reflection is delivered with authority, displaying a youthful wisdom.

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