Fergie - Big Girls Don't Cry
Album Review

Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry

Following Fergie’s performance of Big Girls Don’t Cry at the Princess Diana concert comes the release of the single on 16th July.

A step up from Glamorous, Fergie shows us her intimate and emotional side with this heartfelt, seductive and powerful ballad. As the perfect comfort song for a break up, Fergie stands as a role model and provides advice and confidence for her female fans all around.

Given that the singles chart now requires some much needed persuasion for the public to continue to buy them, Fergie’s effort doesn’t offer much in that respect. Featuring just a radio edit and an album version which is a measly eight seconds longer and sounds exactly the same does not spell value for money these days. Having said that, it saves reaching for the repeat button every four and a half minutes.

On the whole, the song carries all the characteristics for it to be a hit and is a massive improvement on her last single.

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