Make Model - The LSB
Album Review

Make Model – The LSB

Make Model (MM). Not the kind of name that stirs up expectations of dazzling brilliance. But after listening to an LSB, I realise that although it’s not dazzling, their understated excellence lurks throughout this anthemic song.

The Glaswegian, six strong team who have begun a crusade on the live circuit, amazing crowds wherever they go with their ‘Kasabian/Talking Heads/Franz Ferdinand’ sound have offered up a great debut, LTD 2 track CD/7”. As you listen to LSB, images of bouncing around with an emphatic, sweat soaked festival crowd are brought to mind.

Track 2, Czech Neck (Union of Knives remix) is the perfect choice of reinforcement, keeping up with the upbeat pace and maintaining the positive and alluring importance.
This track will probably be celebrated properly when MM make a name for themselves and demands for the re-release of this song that draws you in and invites you to sing out loud, are justifiably made upon them. And it probably won’t hurt to include the original version as found on their my space site, so as to reveal more of their unpolluted and natural sound.

These two tracks offer us a glimpse of the magic that will surely follow this release and given that they’re such crowd pleasers, let’s hope it’s not too long before we can hear, what I feel will be an amazing debut LP. Go MM go!

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