Secret Police - Bootie Call
Album Review

Secret Police – Bootie Call

The Secret Police have arrived late, several years ago they would have been caught up in the Britpop and northern acoustic banging acts and would have not only slotted in quite nicely but possibly have faired a little better but we’ll never know and all we are left with is the -three packets of cigarettes before signing rasp- of Peter Mullins vocals to warm us.

There’s a very honest edge to the delivery of the second track ‘Underground’ and when the likes of Richard Ashcroft got it right some very close comparisons between his later out put and the Secret polices’ can be made. The sing-along in a bar, Stereophonics sway dominates ‘Bootie call’ and this band seem ripe for a small venue tour and if the audience can see past the smoke there could be a band here with a real core audience of people just looking for well played tunes presented without pretension.

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