The Down and Outs - Julie Andrews
Album Review

The Down and Outs – Julie Andrews

How many songs will televised competition winner and current west end star, Connie Fisher inspire?

‘Julie Andrews’ is a wistful number, made for foot tapping and head nodding, the retelling of a rough patch in a relationship and wanting to be with someone more like Julie Andrews, believing that everyday would be like a holiday, possibly referencing Dick Van Dyke’s turn in Mary Poppins and a song about Andrew’s character with similar sentiments.

This band could be plucked from anywhere within the last forty or fifty years of popular British music, with touches of everything from The Beatles up to The Libertines present within their sound. B-side ‘Easy Come, Easy Go’ further cements this observation, another song rich with musical history but without becoming just a tacky throwback to days gone by.

Although the sound is hardly original both songs carry a pure feelgood buzz and will hopefully reach more people than the 500 copies of the 7” available could possibly allow.

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