The Dead 60s - Stand Up
Album Review

The Dead 60s – Stand Up

Follow up album due out next year entitled ‘Start A War’, to The Dead 60s ska soundscapes concealing debut of 2005, is, if this soaring snippet is anything to go by, going to represent a switch to big sounding guitars. Sure the variety and abandon of the past may have been refined, but this is to make way for a bit of soul as well more meaning and focus.

The recording destination of New York City might have something to do with the switch in impact and approach, but there also seems to be a desire to impart a more serious vein to their make-up. The effect is a pleasing indie romp with adventure and heart. This Liverpudlian troupe is growing up, but they retain their defiance. This is projected through the lyrics, as oppose to the instrumentals these days.

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