Van Tramp - The Ultraviolet EP
Album Review

Van Tramp – The Ultraviolet EP

Hothouse Flowers meet Garth Brooks in an explosion of sound generated in Rod Stewart’s basement – (pity the cleaner!!)

That’s the best assessment I can give of this EP from believe it or not, a British band!

Starting off the with the gentle, carefully arranged ‘Hope and Pray’, the EP gets off to a solid start complete with images of rodeos, Mary Lous and lost weekends in some Texan bar/nightclub.

What is distinctive is the fact that this band manages an Indie sensibility while unashamedly worshipping at the altar of American country great like Uncle Garth.

‘Something’ is a far more satisfying track and boasts gravely vocals, and a touch of new production a la The New Radicals. At its heart though it’s a shamelessly open country ballad, which nearly makes you believe love is possible and that rodeo riders are attractive, despite the inherent rashes, bruises and the overwhelming stench of fear (read widely as BO) – and that’s just the usherettes!

The music on ‘The Ultraviolet’ belongs on an American Country music radio station, but somehow manages to defy description.

It’s certainly made it on to this reviewer’s Walkman. And that is as close to a confession to liking country music as I come.

Worth a butcher’s.

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