Daughtry - It’s Not Over
Album Review

Daughtry – It’s Not Over

Draw nearer all ye cynics who prey on reality TV music contests… a little closer…a little closer..until you feel my wine rancid breath on your neck? Good…bollocks to you and your cynicism!

Bollocks to it!

You might remember Chris Daughtry as the only rockfish contestant in the American Idol competition. Well this is his band and his music and ‘it’s Not Over’ is just a taster off his first album due out next month.

It’s admittedly a little Chad Kroeger, but so f*%$”£g what?

This track has chart hit written all over it.

Part of me wishes he’d broken new ground on this single, but when it works it works.

And on this single it REALLY works.

Support Daughtry – they’re legitimate, they’re together…and most importantly they rock!

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