Oi Va Voi - Yuri
Album Review

Oi Va Voi – Yuri

OI VA VOI is apparently Yiddish for ‘Oh My God’, which is perhaps an appropriate reaction to the band’s new single, ‘Yuri’.
Someone has had the foolish notion that employing a Cyber Man to sing vocals with a traditional Jewish band is the way forward for music.
Not so!
And the lyrics are equally as cringe-worthy – ‘There’s no need to watch my back because my friends have got it for me’… Enough said.
Apparently the single is a tribute to Yuri Gargarin which is quite strange. If its tongue-in-cheek comedy, it’s not funny. If its irony, then I missed the point.
The truth is it’s a bad idea expressed with equally bad music.
Oh My God indeed.

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