Little Dragon - Twice / Test
Album Review

Little Dragon – Twice / Test

Meaningful, journeying pop music strolls through Kate Bush territory falling just short of planet Bjork, to give this Gothenburg quartet a stern and authoritative touch. ‘Twice’ builds slowly from a fat piano intro that acts as a carpet for the maturely crisp vocals of Yukimi Nagano. Mystical lyrics sit nicely with the crooked, atmospheric accompaniment that adds adventure, but retains a sense of seriousness.

A funkier touch is produced through ‘Test’, as Nagano gives her vocals a deeper R N’ B kick, going hand in hand with the thick and fuzzy bass element. This is before a horn and percussion double whammy, shows that the blues fever didn’t miss Gothenburg city. Little Dragons forthcoming debut album threatens to cross more boundaries than Captain Cook!

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