The Bravery - Time Wont Let Me Go
Album Review

The Bravery – Time Wont Let Me Go

Sam Endicott and Co. seemed to be riding the crest of a wave back in 2005 with their eponymous debut album and in particular, the catchy brilliance of ‘An Honest Mistake’. However, the New Yorkers failed to capitalise on this success and seemed to quietly slip away until the recent release of their second album ‘Sun and the Moon.’ Time Wont let me Go’ is a largely in-offence single but it seems The Bravery are playing too safe. Gone are the up tempo electronic guitar riffs and break-neck lyrics of hits such as ‘Unconditional’ which are replaced by a slow building verse and reflective lines such as “ If I could do it all again, I’d go back and change everything” On the evidence of this single, The Bravery seem to be aiming too much at the mainstream rather than being a little different – which is what they did best.

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