Lightspeed Champion - Galaxy of The Lost
Album Review

Lightspeed Champion – Galaxy of The Lost

Lightspeed Champion are the brainchild of ex Test Icicles Dev Hynes. He is backed by multi-musical regular members plus numerous revolving members of bands such as Tilly and the Wall. If first single ‘Galaxy of the Lost’ is anything to go by, then Lightspeed Champion could be a name you are going to here a lot. ‘Galaxy of The Lost’ is musically a work of art. The lyrical content leaves a little to be desired at times with lines such as “As we Kiss and I’m sick in your mouth” but they are delivered so beautifully with Dev Hynes sounding very much like Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke that you seem to just get caught up in the moment. With debut album ‘Falling off the Lavender Bridge’ (named after a frog made of Lavender that Dev‘s mother gave him) due soon, and a recent support slot with Bright Eyes no less, the future looks very promising for Lightspeed Champion.

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