Z-List Tears - WA1 Bar
Live Review

Z-List Tears – WA1 Bar

Getting the citizens of Warrington to close down their Arctic Monkeys Myspace page for one night and, to venture out in support of the growing opportunity to see a vibrant local band, is a thankless task on a Saturday night. Therefore, to ask this of them on a Thursday evening is as worthwhile as asking Amy Winehouse if she’d like a glass of orange juice? However, when you’re an outfit like the evergreen local lads of Z-List Tears, who have had more injuries than Michael Owen, a challenge like this is something that you simply thrive upon. The customary gap at the front of the viewing and dancing area is filled with an intrigued but slightly lethargic collection of adventurous young gatherers. The interest picks up immediately when the well chosen, epic opener ‘Seed’ scatters atmospheric, drilling percussion toed winding instrumentals to test the sound system immediately. The gregarious Bungle’s vocals that often speak of a deeper wisdom than your average run-of-the-mill rock band, subsides into the cacophonous drive of the instrumentals and a winding vibe seeps in. That Nods towards Thin Lizzy, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Jane’s Addiction.

Immediately taking note of waning attention spans with the midnight hour approaching, ‘Warning Signs’ is the indie rock grind that allows Bungle’s lighter vocals to illuminate the despondency of the lyrics. The set is largely an experimental one, as new offerings like the Red Hot Chili Peppers spirited ‘Fuel For The Fire’, show that this ranging quartet are still growing musically. This is something that the vibrantly rhythmic bass-lines of the colourful Al Blackmore, demonstrates through the dynamic, bluesy closer ‘DAGADUGADA’. The relentless drive continues for Z-List Tears and you sense that they won’t have to go much further forward before label bigwigs start trying to pick them up.

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