Fall Out Boy - Take Over The Break's Over
Album Review

Fall Out Boy – Take Over The Break’s Over

Fall out boy have been around the block, many times. If you haven’t heard of them, you must of been trapped down a well somewhere in Iceland. Even still, it’s hard to believe you wouldn’t have heard of these boys. Possibly the martyrs of pop punk, with 6 (yes 6) CD’s under their belt, Fall Out Boy don’t look like they’re going to stop anytime soon.

Unlike Busted, Fall Out Boy have a much bigger fan base world-wide, catchier sing along choruses that not only teenage girls, but fans of many ages, looks and fashions can love and not forgetting the huggable bassist named Pete Wentz who has his own celeb-like profile through the rock world.

I’ve never really had a good, or bad, opinion of fall out boy. They were just another band I’d heard of swamping kerrang magazine or TV channel whilst I’d be flicking through. F.O.B. first graced my ears properly, I mean when I first sat down, listened and took they’re music in, some years ago when a friend sent me their cover of ‘Love will tear us apart’ by Joy division (which is equally as great as this new single). Now Fall Out Boy’s music has seemed to mature into something more than prancing about pop punk, but to well written, cheery melodies like the ‘take over, the breaks over’. An indie sounding riff starts the song, when a familiar voice breaks through and the pop punk begins! Fall Out Boy even chuck in a friendly guitar solo in the ‘take over, the breaks over’, all in all a great listen that will put a smile on ya face!

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