Cat The Dog are currently recording their debut album with legendary producer Jack Douglas (New York Dolls, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick), the first fruits of which being their debut single – the double A-side ‘/I’m A Romantic/Devil In Me’, which will be released on 20th August on Virgin Records. It will be available on CD and 7″. Check out our link's to the new single below.



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Opposites might attract, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a clean fusion. Take Brighton’s Cat The Dog; a band borne out of natural aggression. Even their name comes inspired by violence, the logic going that if a cat and a dog were to exist in the same body, the beast would be a craven, violent thing, thrown together from opposite worlds.

Cat The Dog – the band that is – shouldn’t really make sense themselves. Pungent desert rock in the same body as spring-loaded new wave; urban paranoia underpinning occult psychedelics; these four young riders on the storm make new magic from old spells; and even they seem to be scared of what they seem to be about to achieve. With ingredients stretching from Television and New York Dolls to Kings ofLeon and Queens of the Stone Age to Beach Boys and Beatles to The Pretty Things and The Stones to Cheap Trick and The Cars; together they light a sonic touchpaper and everyone else stands well
back. The chain that led to Cat The Dog stretches throughout rock’n’roll time and space, and, in the physical realm, from Vancouver to Brighton.

When school friends Chris Melian and Andy Newton, disillusioned with the lack of a good music scene in Toronto and infused with a lust for life, bought a one way ticket to Manchester, their travels led them to Brighton where they met Darren Pruess and Dan Logan and Cat The Dog were formed. Two-parts desert rock drawl, one-part new wave dynamism, all parts utter chaos, Cat The Dog find themselves mining a virgin sound. “All we knew at first was we wanted to sound loud, really loud,” says Andy.

Having recently played at this year’s Download festival, the band will shortly be announcing live dates over the summer.

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