Undercut - A Bit Of Education
Album Review

Undercut – A Bit Of Education

Undercut start out reminding me of a soft Kings of Leon with a chilled track named ‘A bit of Education’ which morphs in spooky parts to angry shouts and back to a calm verse. A brilliant track to drive to on an empty road for sure, a beautiful voice from singer Johnny Benn could well be mistaken for Audioslave’s ‘Chris Cornell’.

Even on their Myspace, pictures showing Undercut making their own t-shirts – they seem the type of band to be hard working, making music with every sweat & tear, pure Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The second track on the single entitled ‘Close your Eyes’ seems to belong at a festival in the dead of night, with each member of the audience translating the hard rock from Undercut into their own little dances & crowd serge’s. The track ends just as you’d think it would live, guitar thrown to the floor, feedback gradually sinking.

Undercut as a band emanate maturity, appealing to most of the indie rock audience, it’s just a matter of time until this hugely talented band will be spread across the front cover of NME, you watch.

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