Palladium - Happy Hour
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Palladium – Happy Hour

Now I don’t know for sure if these guys are Irish or not. Maybe just the vocalist, maybe he just sounds Irish! Maybe I’m mental and not for the first time in my life, got it all wrong. Listening to Peter Pepper (really) sing a song about drinking is sad. Yes it’s tried and tested and I’m sure it’s appreciated though not inspiring awe, somewhere in the world (Dublin), but I’m not biting. Sorry! Even the fact that Palladium have played alongside the likes of Amy Winehouse, Mika and The Thrills does nothing to sway my opinion!

Peter and Palladiums counterparts – Rostas Fez (really really) on guitar, Rufio Sandilands (really really really) on keyboard and yes, really really really really, Rocky Morris on drums do, in all honesty, work well together. They work well together to make predictably structured songs with an overpowering eighties sound that we’ve not heard in such pure form since, well, the eighties!

‘Happy Hour’ and ‘Save the World’ both have catchy choruses and an upbeat throwaway pop ethic (thanks to Rufio!) I’m too busy listening to a far superior band called Blink, who do almost the same as Palladium but better, much better. I admit Blink have got well over a decade more experience in the game, so I can only hope that Palladium echo their efforts. ). And so, if that’s your bag, grab it check out both bands as you go on your merry way.

[link] (Palladium)
[link] (Palladium Original name)

[link] (Blink)

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