SUBSOURCE DJ SET - The Boilerroom
Live Review

SUBSOURCE DJ SET – The Boilerroom, Guilford

EVERYBODY is a DJ nowadays. You don’t even need turntables anymore, just a laptop and a mate who works at a venue. There are a lot of bands at the moment who try and make a couple of quid on the side by doing DJ sets, with varying levels of success, like Kele from Bloc Party (awful), Klaxons (really hard techno) and GoodBooks (eclectic and brilliant). So now Subsource’s Dennis and Neil, professional party starters that they are, get behind the decks (or rather laptop) at The Boileroom’s “Debbie Does Disco” club night for a mash up set. And the set is HUGE!

All genres are blended together, with each tune being manipulated and fucked about with to the extent where you can’t tell which songs are which, if they are original, and care about these fact even less. They also bring the notorious Subsource energy to their djing, leaping about the stage like breakbeat trampoline addicts going cold turkey. It has everyone off their seat and dancing, which is no mean feat in a town with possibly the most apathetic music fans I have ever met. Please, please, please, you must catch these guys Djing, gigging, making bacon sandwiches…anything. They are truly the band most likely to get you moving around erratically to their music and, really, that’s the essence of dance music, no?

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