The Stills – Helicopters

Having confused listeners early on in their career by flitting to the ruggedly driving rock-out of debut album ‘Logic Will Break Your Heart’, after producing the polished ‘Rememberese EP’ that concealed arguably one of the best layered indie tunes of the millennium so far, ‘Still In Love Song’. The Montreal expansionists of The Stills, have managed to find a slower, soul flitting groove that propels the crisp and slightly weary vocals of Tim Fletcher. Stretching and tugging blues soaked guitars provide for a contemplative instrumental interlude, drawing out the growing maturity and new found range. Their carefree lyrical nature of the past has been replaced by one of mystical poetry that unveils a slight bewilderment, directed at significant others;

“My moon’s a naked cold star
why do you take this so hard.”

Rather like contemporaries The Shins, The Stills seem content to remain true to their feelings and their tendency to play outside the standard indie/pop box. A broader musical pallet is a must in the plight to appreciate this quaint quintet.

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