Goldspot – Tally Of The Yes Men

Smooth Californian influenced indie/folk with a rock edge that opens up like the arms of a loved one, has been captured delicately for this foraging debut full-length. Opener, ‘Rewind’ draws out best the tight, roving pop instrumentals that the likes of Okkervil River and Mercury Rev have used to guide them through the at times, puzzling maze that is the modern music industry. Longing poetic lyrics are given pronounced heart and grit by Siddhartha Khosla, whose pitch takes on a more laboured lag for the ode to the nearly man of ‘Cusp’. Naturally, the song that is largely responsible for Goldspot’s growing recognition, the Bollywood befriending ‘Friday’. It raises the spirit and catchiness up another level, using a stirringly tugging noire touch. Paving the way for confidence and free-spirit to shine like a red card brandished at Christiano Ronaldo.

Naturally, after such a soothing and life-enhancing high it is going to be hard to keep up the momentum and captivating edge. However, Khosla and co manage to slip neatly back into a reflective and longing groove via ‘The Guard’ and ‘Timebomb’. The influence of former Beach Boys engineer Jeff Peters is detectable through the drawn out folk/pop cry of ‘The Feel Good Programme Of The Year’. Whereby, Khosla’s vocals weep slightly in contrast to the uplifting lyrics and positive, acoustic led instrumental cushion. The aching pop of ‘So Fast’ has a hue of the blues to allow for some life pondering time. A more complex, expansive arrangement gives ‘Motorcade’ some added freshness and is a crafted pop-song to take home to your parents. The use of strings, if you’ll pardon the pun, is what ties many of the songs together and gives this quaint quintet an extra strand. This debut album must have seemed an eternity in coming for the band and fans alike, but just like the Guinness, it’s surely been worth the wait.

Rating; 4/5

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