Kaiser Chiefs - The Angry Mob
Album Review

Kaiser Chiefs – The Angry Mob

Leeds own Kaiser Chiefs new single The Angry Mob, taken from their successful Yours True Angry Mob is a critique of Yob Culture done in the style of Modern Life Is Rubbish era Blur single.

Until the chorus kicks in, it is essentially a Blur song: these boys really wear their influences on their sleeves. The thing that separates some of those great old Blur songs to this one is that they had more of a tune than in this track; it doesn’t really seem to go anywhere.

The song has a fair message and is pretty good lyrically; I just don’t get much of a sense of the songs message in the music. There isn’t much depth to the track and it seems to be over incredibly quickly considering it’s not an overly short song, clocking in at nearly four minutes. The only form of variety in the track is the last minute or so where there is a break down with the chorus being repeated – just like an angry mob – genius! (If you cant tell I’m being sarcastic)
I really wish that Ricky and Nick would get off the telly attempting to trick us into thinking they are funny and write some better songs. You can certainly tell that this is one of the last single releases from the Kaiser Chief’s album for this is a really mediocre effort which really does show that the lads are average nowadays

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