The Electric Soft Parade - Misunderstanding
Album Review

The Electric Soft Parade – Misunderstanding

Electric Soft Parade have a really good sound. It’s the sort of music you’d put on if you were driving up the west coast of America on a beautiful summer evening in your convertible, for some reason.

Whilst this particular single is a bit ‘mobile phone advert’, to be really significant, it is extremely easy to listen to in a Pheonix meets Badly Drawn Boy meets The Birds sort of way. It’s a crisp and harmonious recording with light drums and funky guitars, reminiscent of a refreshing drink of lemon pop.

It can, at times, become a bit bland in its niceness, but there is a dexterity and depth to the music which lends it a certain class. A large range of instruments are used to give Misunderstanding a grand and symphonic sound which would be great to see and hear live.

‘Blue It Is’,the second track from the release, is another quite lovely specimen with the same sort of afterparty acoustic vibe that Simon and Garfunkel used to generate so brilliantly.

In short., Misunderstanding has intelligence, a nostalgic sense of the song that suggests real talent in its creators. It’s the sort of easy listening music that will sell albums rather than singles.

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