Siouxsie – Into A Swan

A grizzly distorted intro and the first notes of a bolshie cry and automatically a door opens to the late seventies. It is hard to believe that Siouxsie Sue who gave Siouxsie and the Banshees their bite and thrust, is only now about to release her debut album ‘Mantaray’ (released 10/09/07). This introductory snippet combines the operatic strut of Joan As A Policewoman, the gnarl and rough edge of Katie Jane Garside and her own, inimitable proud pounce.
Maybe the lyrics are the best guide to the reasons for this venerable vixen’s desire to go it alone, so far down the line;

“I feel a force I’ve never felt before, I don’t wanna fight it anymore.
Feeling so strong it can’t be ignored I burst out, I’m transformed.”

Spasmodic burst of energy leading to a bold chorus shows up the edge Siouxsie had over her rivals in her heyday. As always, with Siouxsie this one song is probably part of a bigger puzzle that will be partly solved in the full-length. The early signs are that the bad girl of New Wave may have had an epiphany!

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