Tiger Army – Music From Regions Beyond

Tiger Army; Music From Regions Beyond (Hellcat Records 20/08/2007)

The rampaging resurrection of psychobilly has been accredited largely to this soaring Californian trio over the years, by many a revered critic. ‘Prelude; Signal Return’ features the combative slogan that has long been their focus and signature;

“Tiger Army never dies”

It firmly pins their colours to the racing psychobilly mast. Incorporating the full throttle and force of upright bassist Jeff Robredo,. They then hotfoot onwards into ‘Hotprowl’ that sees a metal ridge attach itself to Nick13s already feeling laden vocals, to represent Tiger Army at their most intense to date. However, on this latest full-length they also proudly display a more explorative side. An aching mysteriousness and a slightly morbid, Morrissey lag lurks around the offering like a shadow and comes unashamedly to the fore in aching hearted ‘Forever Fades Away’ and the tenderised ‘As The Cold Rain Falls’. With the latter snippet displaying Nick13 at his most poetically restrained. Contrasting neatly with the bouncy punk and pre 70s Rock N’ Roll conjoining ‘Pain’, encapsulating the most high-profile and pounding performance from percussionist, James Mezza.

Despite the fact that Tiger Army have been going strong and getting stronger since their inception in 1995, Nick13 is the only ever-present in the current line up. Mediterranean vocals and a booming backdrop makes the Breed 77 territory touching ‘Hechizo de Amor’, the most experimental and broad influence bearing that Tiger Army has ever been. This offering is adventurous and impassioned, something that is lacking in the Man United attack at the moment, eh?

Tiger Army continued to rile pigeon-hole connoisseurs with their expansive and explorative leanings. 4 albums in twelve years may seem a touch tardy, but da Army are from the Grolsch school of thinking; they won’t produce anything until it’s ready.


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