Trunk Records-Various - Now We Are Ten
Album Review

Trunk Records-Various – Now We Are Ten

A CD sampler covering a decade of releases from a label I’ve never heard of, initially seemed less appealing than running out in the rain to bring in all the washing that you’ve only just put out there! It’s predictably unsatisfying and ultimately redundant! A thankless task that’ll surely be just fine left alone!

Johnny Trunk and the twenty one tracks he’s compiled here disprove my fears. There are some real magic moments that have been captured lovingly and wisely. There are some real quirky moments that deserve proper exposure on this CD, the right, perhaps only stage. And there are some moments that defy explanation or even necessity!

In keeping with the spirit of the music I am, instead of delivering my usual commentary reinforced, crafted article, compelled, to simply bombard you with an amusing and unrelenting breakdown of the joys I discovered on this CD, joys that wait for you too! Hold tight, here we go!

Playschool presenters serenely singing’ The Way We Were’, Beastie Boys somewhat askew instrumental work, Latvian sounding lounge acts for the demented, Art of Noise covering the Avengers theme, both copycat and surprisingly actual music from The Clangers, mysterious ‘below the radar’ sing-along to ‘Peter & the Wolf’ sounds, a Timex advertisement, music from the Kes, eerie film score sounding stuff, a piano solo, Ken Dodd like cock enlargement anthems, South Pacific sounding ethereality, ‘Feelings’ played on what might be flute and harpsichord and of course ladies bras, knickers, boobs, bodies, and bums!

Whatever I didn’t comment on falls into the aforementioned explanation and/or need defiant realm. You understand! I feel that covers it! Oh and maybe Bravo JT bravo

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