Turnbonegro - Retox
Album Review

Turnbonegro – Retox

The fun lovin’ lyrics, upbeat guitar chords and all around good-time themed, laughter filled songs are back from the legendary ‘Turnbonegro’. Without taking the music writing seriously, this is the type of music at a high school party, background at a festival – or just tracks to get drunk to. I have to say I am impressed with ‘No, I’m an alpha male’ – instruments in this song form to create an excellent sounding song. Hardcore guitar to head band to, vocals to shout along side with and drums keeping it all together.

With Turnbonegro’s first album gracing our ears (well, some of us) way back in 1992, you can see that ‘turnbonegro’ have been around for a while & are serious about their funny music. This is the 8th album from the Norwegian six some, they haven’t lost it.

Songs like ‘Stroke the Shaft’, ‘I Wanna Come’, and ‘Hot & Filthy’ we all know what they write songs about – they’re like tenacious D, but much more experienced and quite underrated in terms of song writing etc., Turnbonegro have grown tired of being laughed at or being at the background at a drunken party, as we know from ‘back in denim’ (track 13 album) they’re back and they wanna BE the party.

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