Albion Free State - AFS (EP)#1
Album Review

Albion Free State – AFS (EP)#1

Blissful and jaunty without being sickly, this is a great soundtrack to the autumn. ‘How To Stay The Same’ is like early Badly Drawn Boy before he forgot that we loved the carefree haziness he made (think ‘Pissing In The Wind’ or ‘Something to Talk About’).

The female/male harmonies grate a touch on ‘Don’t Look Further’ but generally they remind of the brilliant and soon to be huge (maybe) Slow Club. ‘Rebeckah’ too is a highlight, it’s lazy summer afternoons when you’re slowly closing your eyes in the farm after a few midday beers, the kind of record you wanna snuggle with your girl to.

While there’s nothing here that stays in the mind for too long, and nothing that truly leaves you dying to replay it, the record leaves you feeling warm and cosy and while that sounds a bit, well, shit, it really is worth giving AFS a try.

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