Cobra Starship - Send My love To The Dancefloor
Album Review

Cobra Starship – Send My love To The Dancefloor

How many times have you heard ‘Hey Mr DJ, put a record on’ as a song lyric? Loads!!! Yes, we have it again here, but this attempt is quite cool. What can only be described as a feel-good, fun-loving track, Hey Mr DJ is guaranteed to be stuck in your head all day long.

It is quite a hybrid song, which I would imagine would go down well with fans of pop/chart music, soft rock, or that dreaded emo! It is your typical all American boy band ‘rock’ song but hey it is fun to listen to, especially the tiny bit of dialogue at the end.

Check out the website and read the bible-esque story…quite inspirational really.

‘..teaching hipsters not to take themselves so seriously and by telling emo kids to stop being pussies!’
-Cobra Starship website

Funny that, I was going to describe this song as a ‘happy emo tune’. Is that possible? Is that an oxymoron? Answers on a postcard please!

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