Voxtrot - Firecracker
Album Review

Voxtrot – Firecracker

So the chorus is a neat variation on ‘Fuck Forever’ but who cares? That was nicked from ‘Good Old Days’ anyway and ‘Firecracker is still undoubtedly a tune. The kind of thing you can see being a festival anthem next year if given the right support.

‘Honey Bee’ is an Arcade Fire/Patrick Wolf hybrid that doesn’t really do a great deal wrong but just suffers coming straight after ‘Firecracker’.
Voxtrot are a wonderfully mellow and easy band that can launch into higher, killer choruses when in the right mood and ‘Loan Shark’ shows their skills off well, it’s like a bigger and far better version of U2’s ‘Wild Honey’.

Blimey, Voxtrot are turning into a pretty decent band, even their b-sides are well worth a download. Couple this single with the still incredible ‘Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives’ and you’ve got the makings of a band that could just have what it takes to follow up the hype.

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