Bone-Box - Do You Feel You've Been Warned?
Album Review

Bone-Box – Do You Feel You’ve Been Warned?

Bone Box are from Manchester, a fact difficult to believe from the sound of ‘Do you feel you been warned?’ with its soaked in Midwestern melancholy and brooding prose.

In a climate of convey belt singer songwriters Bone-box represents a true pulse-someone writing beautifully constructed tales of the human psyche; like a busker you pass in the street, who happens to play exactly what’s on you mind and completely sorts out your day.

Waits & Morrissey, all skulk in the dark corners created by Bone-box, and even Cash’s- later output gets brushed against.
Jay Taylor’s vocals, worn from life complement the effortless playing and where some may see the inclusion of trumpets as strange and unusual it fits and makes complete sense alongside the pedal steel guitar that just pulls and pulls.

Bone-box have a put together an honest and simple collection of songs on ‘Death of a prize fighter’ and ‘Do you feel you been warned?’ is one of the many dirty little gems.

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