Calvin Harris - Merrymaking At My Place
Album Review

Calvin Harris – Merrymaking At My Place

MySpace sensation Calvin Harris is back doing what he does best.
His latest offering ‘Merrymaking At My Place’ carries on his tradition of a bouncing bass line with some no nonsense lyrics about partying.

It’s simple, it’s funky and you will dance, don’t even try to stop yourself.
The single allows you to hear the original ‘drug taking’ lyric that was cleaned up as ‘girl chasing’ for radio and has re-mixes by Mr Oizo and Kissy Sell Out.
Oizo’s remix is typically French with halting, start-stop breaks and enough robotic noises to make Daft Punk look unplugged.

Kissy Sell Out’s eclectic remix takes lo-fi and cranks up the volume with melodic pianos then replaces the original bass line with a trance groove which will allow this track to cross over to the Balearic super clubs with ease.

From Dumfries to Ibiza in one easy remix? If anyone can it’s Calvin Harris.

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