New Idea Society – The World Is Bright And Lonely

Multi-instrumentalist Mike Law from Brooklyn, leads a broad and winding troupe of musos armed with an aching soul, a Conor Oberst skirting voice and a catalogue of searching, life discovering lyrics. Despite the departure of previous writing partner Stephen Brodsky (of Cave-in fame) that combined to produce a bracing, rustic and pulsing debut album ‘You Are Awake Or Asleep’ using simplistic, basement based recording techniques, Law still follows the same ethos. ‘Single Thread’ epitomises this with a yearning, country blues slant and shows up the longing lyrical pit that Law has at his disposal;

“ All I need is a way through, All I want is what you said.
All I want is an answer; All I need is a single thread,
To catch this falling weight.“

An uncharacteristic, digital toe gives the fuzzy ‘Don’t Sleep’ extra energy and a quaint lift. The fuzzy guitar and percussion volume seems to build up along with the aching feeling through ‘Where Are You Now’, as Law seems to be indulging in catharsis. ‘The Only Sound’ unashamedly brandishes a cutting lyrical edge and conceals frustration behind a winding and deftly drawn out backing range. Stunning atmospheric touches peppers this searching full length and the work of producer Andrew Schneider is prevalent throughout and keeps the mood growing.

Matching the poetic touch and bleeding heart of acts such as Bright Eyes and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. through ‘Waking Dreams And Rooms’ and continuing into ‘Part 11; The World Is Bright And Lonely’, slows things down to a pondering level. This allows Law and his backing band to show a colourful instrumental touch. ‘Medicine Show’ is psychedelically glossed over with a Bob Dylan coat and trickles neatly into the weeping, acoustic and string fuelled ballad ‘Let It Be’. Law has made sure that the New Idea Society is not changing course despite shedding one half of its creative body.

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