Dot Allison - Thief Of Me
Album Review

Dot Allison – Thief Of Me

Lush and fully realised, this single ebbs and flows with grace and confidence. Singing in a hushed tone, Dot Allison creates a dreamy, pastoral sound-world with help from famed producer Mark Kramer (Low, Galaxie 500). Building on previous success and with an organically electronic murmuring trickling underneath, ‘Thief of Me’ opens up and frames her voice beautifully.

‘Thief of me’, and the B-sides ‘In Deep Water’ and ‘Tall Flowers’, transport the listener over the hills and far away to a hazy landscape vaguely reminiscent of 1960’s Laurel Canyon – only with the production aesthetic of the mid 90’s Bristol trip-pop. Bliss.

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