Sohodolls - Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation
Album Review

Sohodolls – Ribbed Music for the Numb Generation

With an album title like that you’d expect something to break the reverie, but ultimately all we’re left with is an electronic dominated version of the New York Dolls.

‘Ribbed for the Numb Generation’ is an ecclectic mix of electro-punk. Compared to pioneers in the field like Blondie it ranks pretty well, especially on the straightforward, unambiguously titled ‘Prince Harry‘.

‘My Vampire’ follows and should be a heavy addition to the album, but it’s hard to buy into the pseudo gothic overtones here.

Still the hook is catchy and this will not doubt dance floor aficionados. As for real Goths they aren’t fooling anyone.

What follow is sameish, until you get to ‘I’m Not Cool’ a curious electronic take on the 20s style. But it’s here that the first real not of originality is struck.

Whether it’s enough to keep you going for the rest of the album depends on your stamina. If you have it in you though ‘The Rest for the Wicked’ is all the reward you’ll need.

‘Fade to Black’ may spring to mind, but there’s something more to this band than a Visage tribute act.

This album is good but not great.

If it’s a combination of Indie honesty and posturing, perhaps Johnny Marr’s Electronic would be a better bet.

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