The Noisettes – New Single Out Today

“Nu Rave! what the fuck was that about!?” Leeds Festival Day Two

The Noisettes don’t care where their music gets used. They have been featured on car adverts, sky sports footy montages etc. “Unless it was used in a BNP commercial” states guitarist Dan Smith. An instance when they would veto their music being linked. “Yeah,” figures The Noisettes drummer Jamie Morrison “Once it’s out there it’s out there”.

The Noisettes are from Greater London, Croydon. It’s just me, Smith and Morrison. Shingahi is otherwise engaged, possibly donning her fabulously flamboyant headdress of peacock feathers that she will take to the stage in when the band play the NME tent in an hour from now. I ask are they peeved at playing so early but the band are happy; “Someone’s gotta do it,” reflects Morrison.

The aptly named Morrison is pretty passionate about most things. He’s a drummer but with more sense than insanity, “We’re not a punk band, everyone gets pigeonholed. If you fit into that music radar set by the press, then you’ll be a success. We wanted to get a broad spectrum from our singles. To start with ‘Don’t give Up’ and finish with ‘Monte Cristo’ gives everyone a better idea of what the band is about.”

“Nu Rave? What the fuck was that about?” Morrison states only one decent band came from it. Without naming names we know just who he means, they headlined the same stage The Noisettes are about to play last night, went up against the Smashing Pumpkins on the main stage and packed the place out.

The Noisettes are a band with a lot to say and so little time to say it. They let the music speak for itself as they prepare to embark on a rocking 30 minute performance in the NME tent. Morrison is keen to point out Foals are one of the bands to check out this year. Almost frothing with excitement at the quality of their Live EP.

And that’s that; tips, hints and opinions. The Noisettes are off. The new single The Count Of Monte Cristo is released today on Universal. The band will perform acoustic in Deal Real at 4:30pm today (Monday)

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