Alabama 3 - M.O.R
Album Review

Alabama 3 – M.O.R

From the makers of that fantastic Sopranos theme tune comes a small bundle of surprises in the form of their new floaty album.

The eight perfectly structured figures in white Stetsons and dark aviators, not forgetting the flawlessly formed female of the band bring us an album to test our mood swings. From and in flight message off the Captain to the up beat American country-style ‘Amos-Moses’, each song is unique and each song requires a different dance!

However track one ‘Check In’ sets the tone for the whole album, comfortingly confusing. However mad that may sound, its true. There is an air of creativity that drifts through this album, which I feel has not been detected in many albums of this past year.

Without trying too hard, this album is effortlessly chic, offering the music lover everything they could want from a truly individual band in fourteen songs.

‘Mondays Don’t Mean Anything to Me’ hits the nail right on the head.

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