The Steers - Rewind
Album Review

The Steers – Rewind, Repeat

For two and a half years it was playing to expectant crowds of two or three in Cardiff Barfly – then they won a Diesel-U-Music award and it’s all gone boom for The Steers. Debut single ‘Rewind Repeat’ is high energy pop fodder that has a certain energy about it, so much so I find myself typing in tune to the chorus.

It has that quality, that will find you tapping your foot involuntarily as you stand at the bar, and that will have you humming it under your breath the day after wondering what the hell it is. From the open chords drenched in Blur’s influence right through to the pacy bouncing chorus, Rewind Repeat effortless carries you along for the ride. But it never lives up to being the new Britpop the Cardiff lads crave – there’s still a bit too much of vocalist James Rowland trying to sing like Damon Albarn than actually managing it.

B side ‘Go’ takes a leaf from Echo Park era Feeder, mournful but vibrant guitars dancing around quietly angry vocals, and a much more promising affair in the long term for The Steers. Rowland simply sounds better when he’s not pretending to be Albarn.

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