The Deidres - Junktion 7
Live Review

The Deidres – Junktion 7, Nottingham

I join Derby’s poncho proud The Deirdre’s (TD) shortly after the start of their Bearsuit supporting and crowd pleasing set. Composing myself and settling down for the rest of the show, I come to see that this sparkly seven piece band have got around thirteen instruments between them that range from bells and kazoos to glockenspiels and spoons. They’ve even got a crazy zube tube thingy! So what can they do with all this equipment? Slinkily starting with some delicate Drugstore style guitar accompanied by some clearly shaky vocals, TD allure you in to a cosy world of serenity and then…EPIC DRUMS!!! Well, that snapped me out of the effects of my earlier set interrupting antics I can tell you!

Before they continue they take time to thank Bearsuit for the use of their keyboard stand and their amp and their drums and oh, that’s it! They then apologise for a song they’ve only played once before and what could be a poor rendition of it. But the crowd here tonight aren’t in the least bit worried and righteously so. Maybe they’re numb or deafened from TDs initial delightfully cacophonous discord. Maybe they’re all just chilled out like the mood in here tonight suggests. Personally, I unsurprisingly couldn’t find too much out of place, listening to a band that openly confess to enjoying unrestricted and free flowing sounds including prominent hand clapping and (dis)harmonics. Wait! What’s this I hear? Is it a manic fusion of TDs trademark chaos and yes it is, it’s The Frog Song (We all stand together…you remember it) by Sir Paul McCartney! What’s with all the Sirs I wonder? Best not to dwell on that for too long I feel. Onward then to the close of a multi tight layered set that when clash together in their wondrous way; do produce quite a riotous racket. And I like it!

Twinkling turbulence at its best! Just enough subtle refrain here and there to let you get your breath back and your bearings balanced. What a great band that I suspect, owing to their name, will go undiscovered for the time. They’ll just be our little secret then! At least until the papers catch wind of the collective name change that is, I’m assured by a blonde lady Deirdre, on the books for the future!

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