Red Painted Red - Pathway
Album Review

Red Painted Red – Pathway

Many bands are out there trying to make their break in the world – using the web to put forth their music. In the case of Red Painted Red it gives us a real treat! Anyone familiar with Portishead’s wipes, fades, noise, distortion and general electronic chaos will know what to expect from Red Painted Red. A beautiful barage of ideas and musical notes that collide with eac other into something much more pure and new than they they would on their own.

‘Pathway’ is certainley a good trial into what the band may have cooking away for the future. And although the track ‘Pathway’ itself threatens to be anarchy – the soothing ‘Radionoise’ informs us that they have more up their sleeve than flashy music editing. The sheer variety of their structure continues right through to the EP’s climax. So what do you get? Siouxsie meets Portishead? Pathway is one big cabaret that always entices and never shoos.

This show is well worth checking out at the earliest opportunity.

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